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Who don't love rains, ofcourse everyone when I say rain many things pops in mind from rain dance to romantic dates, for me best about this season is start from yum yum tasty  served snacks to hot hot tea, love the smell of soothing earthy after rains,like watching misty rainbow sky,However, the weirdest part of your season comes with its own pros and cons both the good and bad effect of this season on health and skin .Anyway, iam Sharing few of the importance beauty regime for monsoon read on to know about the best ways to take care of your skin during the rainy (monsoon) season look the best for your date or D day. 
The season of love Monsoon is generally  a season with rising level of hot humidity in the air, cool dusty, for everything from oily ,dry and sensitive skin, the humid weather causes excess sebum production for oily skin causing dirt and impurities which eventually clogs the pores leading to skin breakouts. Again sometimes the same humidity dehydrates the skin making it look dull and advice for this monsoon is to change Or upgrade your skin and haircare regime  according to the changing seasons,read to know more iam Sharing worthy skincare regime about how we can take good care of our skin and health during monsoon 😊.

A good regime gives you a healthy skins its better to plan your regime before and follow  skin care tips once the season arrives,hence following an appropriate regime during this season would be best. By the way, every skin types reacts differently during this season and I know how its feels . So don't worry keep a check or update with some good skin care product follow good diet and stay Happy its wont cost you a penny. 
Follow the below regime to stay updated before the monsoon  arrives. 

Skincare for Face :

Everyone of us follow A regular skin care that is Cleasing,toning,and moisturising the skin twice A Days or as required.
Cleansers: We know the job of cleansers for face skin?? If you don't know then let me tell you its cleanses the extra oil and dirt from face and keep the skin healthy . 
Advice for monsoon:
Use a mild and gentle cleaser twice a days to keep skin healthy, cleanse your skin at least twice a day to get rid of excess oil and dirt.if have oil skin must opt for oil-free cleansers(ex:neutrogena,cetaphil)while the cream-based non alchohalic cleansers are good for dry skin. Combination skin types should try anti-bacterial cleansers that are not harming the skin.

Toner :
Toning is  must-do step followed by face cleansing .for non cloged pores Open pores easily attract dirt and impurities causing breakouts, so using a good toner helps close the pores, tightens up and maintains the pH level of the skin. Make sure you are using the right kind of toner for your skin. Dry skin beauties can try gulabjal(rose water/ whereas oily skin beauties must try anti-bacterial toners like biotic Tea-Tree. Alcohol-free toners must be used by everyone.


Use Good Moisturisers  No matter whether you have a dry skin or oily skin, moisturising the skin is a must. Never skip this step at any cost. Opt for lightweight watery base moisturiser you can try skin serum also instead of moisturising for oily skin,using the best serum and moisturiser (ex:cetaphil) serun (ex:goodvibes)during this season allow your skin to breathe using right kind of product to maintain the proper ph leve of the skin but at the same time delivers the proper hydration. avoid using heavy moisturising products especially during the day time.

Last but not least in this list is using  a good scrub you don't have to scrub your skin daily its only adviced twice a week during this season Exfoliatio regime is another important step in our skincare r but this needs to be done only twice to thrice a week depending on our skin type.use mild scrubs they are good product available according to skin type also you can opt for home made scrubs DIY(DADI KAY NUSKAY) Worth give it a try I prepare home made scrub. 
DIY:2 tabel spoon of  oats,one spoon honey,3 spoon raw milk pinch of lemon drop mix its properly leave them for 10 minute s then start application on your face in circular ways your scrub is ready scrub your face for 5 minutes leave it for 15 minutes  they wash with luke warm water see the glow on your skin and feel the skin softness. 

One must never step out without sunscreen even the dermatologist doc Highly recommend sunscreen for Indian skin tones, sunscreen is a must for your skin to protect from sun damge, tanning 
What so ever the season never step outside without a good spf 50 high rated sunscreen buy according to your skin types,go for matte finish gel type sunscreen with an SPF of minimum 50 for oily skin and slightly cream-based, hydrating one for dry skin. Non-Comedogenic sunscreen is highly suggested.

Ita not a routine in your skin care regime but to get the refreshing look twice or thrice in month you can do. 
For Glowing bright, soft skin we can try with some homemade DIY face packs, now days we are getting ready made face mask according to skin type
Use Clay-based face packs(ex: Multani mitron with rose water) are excellent for oily skin to cleanse the pores while moisturising face packs are great for dry skin beauties( besan,haldi, rose water or curd pack) . To banish the dullness, one can try out some detoxifying and anti-aging face masks available in market. 
Iam A fan of home made DIY Face pack. 
My Favourite one  is papaya face pack for instant glow and softness try this mask and comment me in the blog for other such face pack. Try now 
Face pack DIY:   1 Spoonful of crushed papaya, 1 tabel spoon of yogurt and spoonful honey mix this 3 ingredients massage gently in circular way leave it for 20 mints Then wash with luke warm water  see the results. 
My personal skin care regime for everyone:

Apply lightweight non greesy body lotion on the skin, preferably with an SPF if you are going to spend time outdoor during this rainy season. 

Monsoon rains planning to step out Go for light and waterproof makeup, for eyes and brows and light weight foundations non creamy. 

 A Big no too skinbleaching product during monsoon to avoid skin problm

Keep Best practice for pedicure and manicure along with waxing during 
 great for a clean and fresh look 

Drink plenty of water stay hydrated
Avoid junk food and uncooked food as much as possible reduce intake of salty food. 
clean house regularly and disinfected to avoid viral infections.
I hope everyone of you got a fair idea on how to keep your skin healthy in monsoon follow this simple step stay healthy, stay happy, goodvibes. 
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