Handwoven Sarees are most in demand during summer but due to its light weight quality and comfort it's been in trend all time favorite wear.Loved by Indian women,handloom sarees are now designed in such a way that they look extremely cool and ultra stylish.They are perfect for everyday wear and even for party and festive occasions. If you feel that certain handloom sarees are quite simple, still you can style them with quirky accessories and make the saree look stand out from the crowd.There are so many fashion influencer on Instagram who created super sexy and glam looks with handwoven saris. In this blog post  we have featured some stunning images where the suta brand owner have styled her handwoven sarees in creative ways,These Uber cool super sexy sarees are by the brand SUTA a joint fashion venture started by 2 sister sujata and Taniya(suta).Their great initiative is supported many artisan in Bengal bringing back glory of Indian handlooms in creative way and make it available for everyone .This brand focuses on creating econfriendly hand woven saris and blouse  and thus they keeps on combining the old weaving technique with modern design patterns,bold colours palettes,quirky design element to give it a contemporary look.

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Present Fashion styling is all about the layering game and styling handlooms saree is no different,the best part of this sarees they are super comfort easy to drape & style .
Image source: Brand SUTA Pinterest.
I know you can't take off your eyes from this beautiful saris and blouse collection with lil styling inspiration.
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