Old Age Patola Silk comes from Gujarat. the most beautiful products of the Indian handloom industry and among the most colorful of the ancient Indian textiles,
It is traditional handloom silk which originates from a small place in Gujarat .There is no question about the beauty of the Patola sarees, one of the finest tie-and-dye fabrics complexity and time-intensiveness is what makes Patola so valuable.A complicated mathematical process, Patola saris are woven using colorful silk dyed threads both vertically and horizontally to create the design. The strings are dyed in different colors according to a pattern, and the dye marks align when woven, forming the pattern on the cloth,
Ikat woven silk Patola saree way expensive  compare to other silk sarees, due to it's time taking process it can take six months to one year to make one sari due to the long process of dying each strand separately before weaving them together.Patola was woven in Surat,it's belongs to a place called patan. 
They are very expensive, once worn only by those belonging to royal and aristocratic families. These saris are popular among those who can afford the high , Patola-weaving is a closely guarded family tradition. There are three families in Patan that weave these highly  prized Patola saris from surat, Ahmedabad and Patan are renowned for their colourful diversity and geometrical style.double ikat saris(wikipedia). 
Now they are many form of this patola we can see on silk and velvet fabrics too. Patola saris quickly became a sign of social status among Gujarati women and girls, especially as part of stridhan
here are four intricate detailing patterns which are woven on ikat silk patola primarily with entire designs of parrots, flowers, elephant, and dancing figures are generally useb symbol colorful siLk like old khatli design hand made silk thread use and multi color thread use the design is old Indian temple related and nature design like flower and rangolis thst is main concept of sari ( wikipedia) . 
In this post you got an ideas of patan patola and the time taking process that makes it more expensive compare to other silk fabrics only few can afford  the pure form of patan patola but now days We can get the replica of this double ikat silk patola patterns sarees, lehengas, dupatta are very popular among them also if you want to buy those expensive patan patola will share the shopping link at the end of this post. 

Patan is only one of three regions in the world that produce double Ikat fabric, the most complicated of all textile designs. The best part of this patan patola weave is Both the sides have an equal intensity of colour and design like a replica difficult to figure out actual side of the fabric. 

Historically, the art of Double Ikat patola weaving dates back to centuries. Paintings in Ajanta caves resemble the tie-dye technique of patola. Legend indicates that sometimes in the 12th Century AD, King Kumarpal of Solanki dynasty invited 700 families of patola weavers from Jalna (South Maharashtra) to settle down in Patan in North Gujarat. Salvi family is one of them who has continued this traditional art and has preserved it even today. This is our heritage art since the 11th century. 
The colours that make it very unique and eye catchy  and the traditional touch of art make it's a very Royal gem. 
Traditional motifs are called bhat and include narikunjar, paan, choktha (square), chhabadi (10 elephants), laheriya (diagonal lines) and navratna (nine gems) among others. The striking colours in the Patola sarees remain intact for centuries as all colours are sourced organically. Turmeric, marigold flowers, onion skin, pomegranate bark, madder root, lac, catechu and indigo along with different mordant (use of chemicals to bind natural dyes to the textile fibres) are used as a dye. The magic of a Patola is undeniable.
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