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Indian women love fine jewellery pieces that are familiar all over the world. Temple jewellery includes all the jewelry pieces that have idols of various gods and goddesses. These jewellery are specifically designed by the expert craftsmen of South India.Temple jewellery mostly crafted in gold few design like chokar and long Haram are very popular among bridal jewellary which are engraved in gem like diamond,ruby,emerald stones but the true beauty of temple jewellary can charm in gold. South Indian brides love to grace different style temple ornaments on their wedding day.

It's a kind of Jewellery theme I must say much popular in South part of India ,temple jewellary is age old heritage as it is counted among one of the oldest designs of Indian jewellery inspired by ancient temple and deities work engraved and in few piece you can see the architectural history of South India. Temple haram is auspicious during weddings, bride specially choose them to pair on silk and half saree which is a compliment to their piece.

This popular South Indian jewellery can be embellished from jhumkas to rings to necklaces to adding to choker to haram sets to bracelets. Most of the South Indian brides flaunting them all.

NAC JEWELLERY : Their mastery believes in overall and finished edge of jewellery and thus their gold temple jewellery collections are the best. All their designs are a mix of tradition and transformation and are beloved by every South Indian bride. Below we are presenting a few pieces from their collection, check them out:


All of the jewelry designs featured above are available online. If you want to shop or check more such lovely collection Click their insta Handel.
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