The Most Stylish Blouses Designs For Your Sarees To Mix & Match

What makes a saree look even more gorgeous? Well, it’s the flattering blouses. If the blouse of a saree is modern and attractive then even a basic saree can become the talk of the town. In today’s time much focus is given to the saree blouse designs. There are plenty of online sites where you can find images of party wear saree blouses . In this blog post we will also share the same with you.

Some blouse designs are such that are more evergreen and they never go out of fashion. Such blouse designs are deep back cut ones, cut out back, strings back, sweetheart neckline etc. Whereas some designs are such that keeps on changing every seasons or as per the trends. Such designs include ruffle blouses, bell sleeves, off shoulder, halter neck, button back, boat neck, collar blouse, netted tops, peplum top, crop tops etc.
One should always pay extra attention to the back design of the blouse as it is more visible. The front side still get half covered with the saree but the back side of the blouse is all revealed. Hence it should be as attractive as possible. Further in this blog post we have featured both front side and the back side of the blouses so that you can get a complete idea of the party wear ,wedding, festival ready saree blouses to mix and match and flaunt the perfect saree blouse look.

Sheer Neck Blouse

A trendy and stylish blouse design of the season is the sheer neck. And this style lets you use this trend to your advantage!

Contemporary Knot Blouse

If you are one of those who loves to experiment with the trends and are ready to be edgy, then this style is definitely worth a try.

Ruffled Sleeve Blouse

If you like wearing sleeveless, but do not want too much attention, you can definitely opt for a sheer ruffled sleeve blouse.


Cold Shoulder Style Sleeve Blouse

Anything with jewels on them looks stunning and blouses are no exception! This gives a very elegant and royal feel to the entire look.

Full Sleeve Blouse:

They never go out if style and always look classy.
These blouses are quite popular and zig- zag pattern only adds additional beauty to it.

Off the Shoulder

Pick that perfect off-the-shoulder blouse that you would love to flaunt on special occasions.

All in all, the blouses are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity and have certain refined look reflecting from them. Pairing such blouses with your simple,silk,designer sarees can surely be a game changer for you, giving your whole outfit a sophisticated and modish look. 
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Author: Editorial team.