10 Saree Styles That Proves Vidya Balan Look Aww Without Losing Her Weight .

Have you ever looked up on your weight before you hands on try for a six yard saree ?? Everyone dreams to look perfect as a mannequin figure at the showroom which features beautiful sarees" who dont want to look beautiful in sarees?when you look at yourself wearing the same beautiful piece you’re left with nothing but self-loathing and a fake oath to hit the gym right the next day?well, its time you give yourself some credit for the hard work you pay to your family neglecting your curves and ending up with a body you can no more flaunt a saree with.

One Should Get Style inspiration from Celebrity Diva Vidya Balan Mam,Well who flaut the saree like their is no other day for fashion,so girl when.you think of your weight or get ignored for yourfashion sense think of her sexy  saree styles inspiration for many of us,well in this post you will witness some of the designer handloom sarees which flaunt by Diva Vidya balan .
Before that lets know little bit of Saree drapes for the body types.
If you notice carefully, whenever fat women wear broad borders, their curves get accentuated even more. Broad border is a complete no for women who are healthy or have too much weight. Go for sarees without borders or subtle borders so that they can flow along you and not make you appear   voluminous.
Tuck your saree properly at the waist so that it doesn’t add volume to your body.
Make bare minimum pleats just to get the perfect drape and shape. Plump women going with a lot of pleats makes them look heavy bottomed and bulgy from their stomachs.
If you really love those pleats and do not want to get rid of them (well sometimes the length is also an issue!!), drape them and tuck them at a distance so as to avoid accumulating all of them at a single place.
Women who want to get a slimmer look must  saree drapes as tight as they can. The saree shouldn’t fall loose from any point.
Keep the palla of the sari loose open on your arm and avoid pleating it all on your shoulder
Have you ever noticed Vidya Balan with a pleated palla??? Well, that’s the trick women!!

Choose the fabrics that clung to your body and hug you naturally. Airier fabrics like south cotton or south silk make you look even plump as they add volume while draping. Pick up lighter fabrics like georgette, crepe, satin or chiffon.

Tip: Quarter sleeves make you look slimmer. If you have too much fat on your arms, avoid going for sleeveless blouses.
Opt for blouses with fuller necks or high necks and avoid deep necks to hide your fat.
Colours have a big influence on the weight your attire reflects on you. Dark colours are often big saviours for both very thin or very fat people. Go for black or pastel violet for instance, your overflowing weight is suddenly pacified!!!
Wearing a saree that reveals your tummy and waist is a stunt that can be put up by those who are either too brave to take it any way or if they are too sure about their well toned waists. If you lack any of these two traits, we warn you not to choose a saree that reveals too much at your waist. Drape a saree that covers you aesthetically from your waist and makes you look sleak under the covers.

So, end up those anxieties of looking bulky in a saree and go out and get your perfect piece. Its time for you to pull your beauty off in that party next week!!!
 if you like the Vidya Balan saree styling inspiration and vocal for local intiative then let us know in the comment section below.


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