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Hello Summer Bride's If you wedding falls in Sultry Summer and your worried on how to look after your Skin and hair during this humid weather then your at the write post,here iam going to share some incredible Benefits of Rose Water which is easily available and can be DIY at home.
Rose water is part of everyone's skin & hair care routine,it's my favourite when it's comes to face pack mix of Rose water they are just amazing and soothes your skin with good hydration,it has skin and hair beautifying properties this water adds beautiful shine to your skin with a glow & makes your hair silky shine,in today's post I will share top 10  incredible Benefits of Rose water uses :- 


1)Rose water as a Toning most:
It's a beautifying toner mist if you add some essential oil of lemon, lavender or tea tree oil it's tightened the pores and prepare your skin for next steps

2)Rose water Cures the Sunburn:
Rose water has the Anti inflammatory peoperties to keep your skin calm and non reactive to sun burn .Rose water helps to soothe the skin,sprays some chilled Rose water on sunburn area for added benefit add some drops peppermint essential oil.

3) Lemonade for Glowing Skin :
Rose water adds some good flavours to your lemonde drinks,it's easy to prepare  lemon water add 1 cup of Rose water ,sugar and a pinch of salt ,add some ice cubes and enjoy your summer lemonade drink which not only had anti inflammatory peoperties but also gives glowing skin.

4) Rose water for Silky Shiny Hairs :
Everyone of us needs silky shiny hairs and dreamed of it, but now it's not difficult, use this one trick to make your hair lustrous and siny, spraying rose water on scalp and length of your hairs ends after shampooing, for best results do it after shower and your will feel the difference in first use for added benefit use rose essential oil drops in it.

5) Rose water for soft skin
Rose water can really make your skin smooth during summer, prepare your own skin care toner with rose water adding few drops of Rose essential oil and apply directly to the skin during day and night skin care routine .
You will see visible result in 2/3 uses I'm jus loving this skin care.

6) Rose water as a Body Mist :
Do you know you can prepare your own DIY rose Water Fragrance,I will tell you how take a spare spray bottle add 10/15 drops of essential oil to rose water with 5/8 drops of orange essential oil your body mist is ready best time to use it is after shower,shakewell before your spray on body.

7) Rose water Face Cubes:
During summer we use ice cubes on face,it's easy to make depuffing skin glow face cubes,as we know ice cubes shrinks the enlarged pores gradually,improve blood circulation with beautiful glow on skin,it's easyvto prepare rose water ice cubes take an empty ice tray add rose water mixing it with 5 drop of Rose essential oil and lavender essential oil with some rose petals freeze them ,rub them all over your face and neck area to get visible glow and smooth skin.

8)Rose Water as Scalp mist :
If you have dandruff dry and itchy scalp ,add 10 drops of tea tree essential oils to 2 cup of rose water mix it well store in spray bottle spray all over your scalp before and after hair wash to get visible result use it regularly it don't have any side effects.

9) Rose water for oily Skin:
If your skin is oily ,it's keep shining and greesy after few hours then you must need this rose water hack ,use face pack mix of Rose water twice a week use multani mitti and lemon,or you can use rose wster alternate hours to stop the shine and keep it hydrated for long hours.

10) Rose Water for Dark circle:
You can prepare rose water under eye pad to get rid of dark circles ,freeze some cotton pad dipped in rose water mix of coffee essential oil add 5/6 drop of oil and store them .use them every night to get visible result use atlest for 2 weeks.

Note for everyone :
Always patch test beforehand to make sure you are not allergic to any of the remedies or products.
You have to stick to a routine for a longer period for it to work

Blog editorial :S.Mankari
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